to   SSMB (SSMB straight, R/A) Connectors & Kabels 

KEMA ISO-9001:1994    Taiwan Connector Factory
  • SSMB, 50 ohm coaxial connector with Snap-On coupling mechanism. 
  • Lightweight, Small size, (70% of the SMB series in size). Excellent frequency range: Up to DC-4GHz.
  • Application: Base Stations, Antennas, Cable Assemblies, PC/LAN, Components, Process Controls, Instrumentation, Telecom, Automotive (GPS), Radio Boards, Surge Protection, Test and Measurement, Video Systems, and other similar application
    Part No : Description :
  • SSMB-P700
  • SSMB R/A plug crimp for RG178, RG196 

  • SSMB-P701
  • SSMB R/A PLUG crimp for RG316, RG174, RG188 

  • SSMB-P702
  • SSMB straight plug crimp for RG174, 188, RG316,  

  • SSMB-P100
  • SSMB R/A PCB jack receptacle 


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