to to USB 3.0 A type plug solder connector series

100% test proven in accordance with following Features:

  • 9 Pin, Series A and B Plugs and Receptacles, HALOGEN FREE.
  • Faster Data Transfer, Supporting 4.8Gbps Data Rate.
  • Dual-bus architecture X Low-Speed, Full-Speed, and High-Speed bus plus SuperSpeed bus Asynchronous instead of polled traffic flow.
  • Dual-simplex simultaneous bi-directional data flow for SuperSpeed instead of half-duplex unidirectional data flow Support for streaming.
  • Support for higher power; Better power management Discontinuity
  • Fully Compliant with Current USB 2.0 specifications.
  • Additional Pins for two more differential pairs for the Super Speed Signals
  • Applications : Desk Top, Blue DVD/HD-DVD, HD-DV, Digital Camera, Solid state Drive (SSD), Flash Memory Card, Notebook, Scanner, Printer, Set-Top-Box etc.
  • Electrical Characteristic:

  • LOW LEVEL CONTACT RESISTANCE: initial: 30 m OHM maximum for power & ground contacts; Initial: 50 m OHM maximum for all other contacts after 10 m OHM change.
  • DIELECTRIC WITHSTANDING VOLTAGE: 100 VAC for one minute at sea level.
  • CONTACT CURRENT RATING: 1.8A at 250 VAC minimum. for power & ground contacts: 0.25A at 250 VAC minimum for all other contacts
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: - 55 degree C to +85 degree C.


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