to ROHS compliant Safe High-Voltage (SHV), miniature High-Voltage (MHV), connectors; kabels.
ISO-9001-2008    Taiwan Connector Factory

Bodies:                Brass (C3604) or ISO CuZn39Pb3 with nickel. ; nickel or white bronze plating
Center Contact    Phosphor with Gold Plating.  
Insulator:             Teflon, 260 degree C max.

Impedance:           50 ohms or 75 ohm
Working Voltage: MHV: 3500 Volt; SHV: 5000 volt at sea level. Peak up to 10kV. 15Kv custom make available.
Part No : Description : (Contact us for detailed spec & drawing (custom made spec available))
  • Tem-2901/4 
  • SHV Jack Panel Mount, 4 holes square 17.5mm, connector

  • Tem-2901 
  • SHV Jack Bulkhead Rear Panel Mount connector

  • Tem-2904/1 
  • SHV plug bulkhead solder cup terminal connector

  • Tem- 
  • SHV jack to jack adaptor connector

  • Tem-2903/1 
  • SHV plug to double jack adapter connector

    MHV connector series 
  • Tem-154108 
  • MHV miniature high voltage, plug bulkhead chassis mount connector

  • Tem-4102/1 
  • MHV miniature high voltage, Jack Panel Mount, 4 holes 17.5mm square, connector

  • Tem-154103/2 
  • MHV miniature high voltage, bulkhead jack panel mount connector, 10KV

  • Tem-4105/1 
  • MHV miniature high voltage, Jack to Jack adaptor connector

  • Tem-4106/1 
  • MHV miniature high voltage, Plug to double Jack adaptor connector

  • Tem-156046 
  • MHV miniature high voltage Jack to BNC plug adaptor connector

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