to   Wafer & Terminal

BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Taiwan & China (Shanghai) factories
Part No : Description :
 .049" (1.25mm) FFC/FPC zip connector dip 
No.  1155
   .039" (1.0mm) FFC/FPC connector dip with 
    kink type
No.  1156
 .039" (1.0mm) FPC/FFC connector SMT- type 

No.  1157 (0.5mm top, vertical, bottom available)

  0.59" (1.5mm) pitch disconnectable crimp 
  style connectors

No.  1173

 .079" (2.0mm) pitch board-in crimpl style 

No.  1130 & Terminal

  .098" (2.5mm) pitch board-in crimp  style 

No.  1137

  .098" (2.5mm) pitch disconnectable crimp style
   wire-to- wire connectors 

No.  6503

  .098" (2.5mm) pitch disconnectable connectors 

No.  1170

  .165" (4.20mm) mini-fit power connector

No.  1148 wire to wire; Terminal
No. 1149 wire to board terminal
No. 1150 4.2mm wire to board PCB wafer
No. 1153 4.2mm right angle wire to board PCB wafer

 .177" (4.5mm) pitch disconnectable crimp style
  wire-to -wire connectors

No.  2000h

 0.93" (236mm) disconnectable connectors for pins 

No.  1123-04s


No.  3002-06

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