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BT 43 series of Standard BS 9210 series connectors: 75 ohm
*BT 43 Series coaxial connectors, with their small dimensions and good electrical performances are utilized in the compact electronic equipments. These coaxial connectors 75ohm are used in DDF frames and feature a latching. The attachment between cable and connector is made in "full-crimp" or "solder-crimp" way.
BT 43 HDC (blue color) Male SPEC for cable size BT-3002, etc.
BT 43 Male (white color) SPEC for cable size BT-3002, etc.
(HDC) BT 43 Female SPEC for cable size BT-3002, ; or (HDC) BT 43 Female SPEC for cable size Flex 3, etc.
(SMZ) type 43 Female for cable size BT-2003.
SMZ, BT 43 Female for RG6U cable
SMZ, BT 43 Female for 2.5C2V cable
Type 43 vertical mount PCB plug, 75ohm, ODM (ITX 051-151-9079A9A)
SMZ, BT43, type 43 pcb, right angle plug, 75ohm
HDC type 43, U link adaptor, plug to plug
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