1.0/2.3 push pull (posi lock) RF connector series
ISO-9001-2008    Taiwan Connector Factory
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1.0/2.3 RF connector series of CECC 22230; type 54; DIN 47297
The 1.0/2.3 push pull (posi lock) RF series is a European design, widely used in telecommunication system.
The compact design of the 1.0/2.3 permits dense connector packing;
they are ideally suited to applications where space limitation is critical. 
Temple Star 1.0/2.3 RF coaxial connectors are offered both 50 ohm & 75 ohm. 
Applications:  Base Stations, Cable Assembly,  Components (Filters), Datacom,
Routers, Switching Equipment, Telecom etc. 

Body: Brass (C3604) or ISO CuZn39Pb3 with nickel.
Center Contact: Phosphor with Gold Plating. 
Insulator: Teflon
Mating: Snap On. 
Cable Affixment: Hex Crimp. 
RG-174/188/316: 20 lbs (min.)
RG-735/75-2 Cable: 30 lbs 

Impedance: 75 ohms
Frequency Range: DC - 2 Ghz, V.S.W.R.: 1.3 max. 3 Ghz/6 Ghz available.
Right angle: DC - 2 Ghz, V.S.W.R.: 1.35 max.
Working Voltage: 335 Vrms max.
Dielectric  Withstanding Voltage: 1000 Vrms min.
Contact resistance: 4 mini ohms (max.)
Braid to body resistance: 2.5 mini ohms (max.)

1.0/2.3 male connector: cable size CECBV 75-2, or BT-3002, or 3C-2W cable, or 2.5C-2V cable, or RA7000 cable, or RG59B/U cable, or 735A kabel, etc.
*Option 1.0/2.3 straight plug for RG174 cable, 50 ohm.
** 1.0/2.3 straight plug for RG58u cable, 50 ohm.
1.0/2.3 bulkhead female for BT-3002 or 3C-2W cable or 2.5C-2V cable or RG179 cable
1.0/2.3 right angle plug for BT-3002 kabel or RG59B/U cable, or 3C-2W cable or 2.5C-2V cable or 1.0/2.3 right angle plug RA 7000 cable
1.0/2.3 right angle jack for BT-3002 kabel or RG179 cable,
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  CNC turning brass custom make with different kabel sizes available

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